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Get organized with ZipSleeve!

ZipSleeve collects all exposed cords and bundles them neatly into a single insulated fabric sleeve. No more mass of spaghetti hanging off your computer, home, or office equipment. Makes reconnections quick and easy!

Safe and easy to use!

Who hasn't tripped over power cords, phone and fax lines, computer cables, speaker wires, etc.? Worse yet, are cord tangles exposed to children and pets? Zip the hazard away with ZipSleeve! Simply lay your wires onto the easy to manage sleeve and zip closed.

Additional features

ZipSleeve comes in 6 foot lengths which will accommodate a standard 6 foot power wire. Need something shorter? Simply cut the ZipSleeve at the one, two, or three foot zipper joints! Need something longer? Each ZipSleeve has male and female end loops so that multiple cords can be joined to accommodate virtually any length. Every ZipSleeve has an end tie to bundle that pesky extra-long cord.

ZipSleeve is made of a tough, elastic, insulated fabric that compliments your home or office decor.

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