ZipSleeve Power Cord Organizer

Marine & RV

ZipSleeve Shore Power Cord Sleeve

Get rid of the mess with ZipSleeve!

Power, telephone and TV cords no longer need to be an unsightly mess! Whether you’re at the dock or underway, ZipSleeve will keep these cords neat and bundled.

Make your ship to shore connection safe!

Dangling wires and cords can be a hazard. Help prevent tripping and slipping. ZipSleeve will keep those cords out of the way!

Easy to use!

Simply unzip and lay sleeve on the dock. Place wires onto the canvas and zip closed. Any excess cords can be conveniently tied at the end of ZipSleeve be the 8 inch Velcro straps.

Enhance your boat's appearance!

No more dirty and faded power cords. Just zip all your cords in a durable marine sleeve that matches your boat canvas. If ZipSleeve gets dirty, unzip and wash!

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Color: Blue
Price: $34.95 USD
Shipping: 5-7 Days